Picture of hands making a Heart from Beyond Weddings

Getting to Know – Beyond Weddings

Picture of Chelsea Bidwill Of Beyond Weddings

Interview With: Chelsea Bidwill

Company Name: Beyond Weddings

Website: www.beyondweddingsltd.com

Location: London, Cover The UK and Europe

What is Beyond Weddings?

The Beyond Weddings gift service has a whole new take on wedding gift lists.  It is a practical bespoke gift list made up of interior design items for each couple from a wide range of suppliers.

Picture of hands making a Heart from Beyond Weddings

How did Beyond Weddings start?

The idea came to me after several of my interior design clients requested my help with their wedding gift selection, and I found myself choosing pieces which their guests would contribute to. Beyond Weddings started in 2009, it is a sister company to Beyond Design which started in 1993.

Who runs Beyond Weddings?

Beyond Weddings is run by me, Chelsea Bidwill. I am an interior architect who grew up on boats – so I have a keen eye for small spaces and fine design.

What services can Beyond Weddings provide to couples creating a gift list?

The result of using Beyond Weddings is a beautiful home that your wedding guests have contributed to. It is a very practical present, a fresh start at home when you get married. The gift list can entail anything interior wise and it is totally bespoke to you with large trade discounts.

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Picture of Twinkle Jewellery's Rosa Necklace made from Frosted Quartz & Rock Crystal drops

Getting to Know – Twinkle Jewellery

Twinkle Jewellery Logo

Interview With: Cheryl Summer-Starr

Company Name: Twinkle Jewellery

Website: www.twinklejewellery.uk.com

Location: Bristol

What is Twinkle Jewellery?

Twinkle Jewellery is a handmade designer Jewellery company with a strong focus on Freshwater Pearls, Semi-Precious stones and Swarovski Crystals.

Picture of Twinkle Jewellery's Rosa Necklace made from Frosted Quartz & Rock Crystal drops
Rosa Necklace – Frosted Quartz & Rock Crystal drops – £50.00

How did Twinkle Jewellery start and how long has the business been going?

I started in late 2006 after I found it increasingly difficult to find jewellery that would fit me and be within my budget. I love the flexibility of creating pieces that may be ‘one off’ pieces.

I started making general gift jewellery but there was always a strong element based on Freshwater Pearls. It’s only been in 2010 that we have focused on Wedding Jewellery as I found that more and more commissions were being requested from brides-to-be who couldn’t find what they were looking for and wanted something a little different made.

Where do you work? Do you have a shop / studio?

I’m lucky enough to have a studio in the garden that is my retreat for all things creative. It’s lovely in the summer with the door open or cosy with my trusty heater in the winter. I have all mod cons so can create the jewellery in comfort.

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Picture of a Bride Looking Out of a Window by Mike Dallenger's Photography

Getting to Know – Mike Dallenger’s Photography

Mike Dallenger's Photography Header

Interview With: Mike Dallenger

Company Name: Mike Dallenger’s Social Photography

Website: www.mikedallenger.co.uk

Location / Coverage: Based in Dorset and predominately work across the South West and South East of England. Also serves the rest of the UK and overseas.

How did Mike Dallenger’s Photography come about and how long has the business been going?

I have been taking wedding pictures for over 30 years. In the beginning it was as a serious hobby but increasingly family, friends (and their friends) asked me to become the official photographer.

About 5 years ago I decided to turn my hobby into a business and become a digital wedding photographer. This was a significant moment for me as it meant that I said farewell to my film cameras (on eBay).

I particularly enjoy digital photography as you have complete control over the image and do not need to send films for processing. Of course digital also presents a whole new world of image manipulation, where of course the camera doesn’t lie 🙂 – would you like to look younger, appear on a magazine cover, park your car on its own bonnet, sit within the palms of your hands? The only limit is imagination.

Picture of Groomsmen Doing Madness Walk by Mike Dallenger's Photography

How old were you when you took your first picture? Can you remember what it was?

It was during a school trip to London. An artist was painting and I took a picture of his painting in the foreground with the scene that he was painting in the distance. I must have been about 10 and I think it was an old Kodak camera.

Who works at Mike Dallenger’s Photography?

Currently I work on my own with assistance at wedding exhibitions. I am currently looking for a suitable trainee to become an assistant.

Picture of a Bride Looking Out of a Window by Mike Dallenger's Photography

What sets Mike Dallenger’s Photography apart from other wedding photographers?

I believe that preparation is vitally important and enjoy working with the happy couples (and their families) when planning the photography coverage.

I have an honest passion for photography and the day that it feels like a job will be the day that I hang up my cameras.

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Picture of Cox's Pink Wedding Cake by Planet Cake

Getting to Know – Planet Cake

Planet Cake Logo

Interview With: Rachel Hill

Company Name: Planet Cake

Website: www.planet-cake.com

Location: South London

How did Planet Cake begin and how long has the business been going?

We have been in business for about 4 years now. I wanted to run my own business doing something that I was passionate about. A love of the sweet and delicious, combined with a flair for design and all things creative led to the birth of ‘Planet Cake’.

A Picture of a Display of Cakes by Planet Cake
Just some of the fantastic cakes available from Planet Cake

How old were you when you made your first cake?

I iced and decorated my first proper celebration cake when I was 15. I used to sell my cakes through my father’s delicatessen. I probably made my first cupcakes at the age of 3! My family are all fantastic cooks and I believe my skills were naturally inherited from them. There is nothing nicer than baking a beautiful cake, smelling the warmth of it in the oven and then watching it get demolished by family and friends.

Who works at Planet Cake?

I am the director and head designer at Planet Cake. I also have a part time employee and a whole brood of chickens.

Picture of Cox's Pink Wedding Cake by Planet Cake
Cox’s Pink Wedding Cake by Planet Cake

What type of cakes do you make?

We make all sorts of cakes for any occasion, but we specialise in Wedding Cakes.

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Bem-casados with Bride and Groom decoration

Getting to Know – Sweetcrafts

Sweetcrafts logo

Interview With: Tania Duff

Company Name: Sweetcrafts

Website: www.sweetcrafts.co.uk

Location / Coverage: United Kingdom and some countries in Europe

What is Sweetcrafts?

A mixture of sweets and crafts. For weddings our product is the “Bem-casado”, a delicious sweet handmade individually as a delicate craft. Two halves united by a soft cream that will keep them together…forever.

Bem-casados with Bride and Groom decoration

What made you launch Sweetcrafts and how long has the business been going?

I first had the idea of starting this business when I made one of the most traditional Brazilian sweets for my own wedding in 2008 and everybody really enjoyed them. I launched the business last year after creating my website and participating at my first Show. I was so happy; my sweets were a real success!

Do you cover the whole of the UK?

We are based in Hampshire but we’ve always been able to deliver to London and the surrounding areas. Sometimes we post to Scotland and some countries in Europe.

Do you make the favours yourself?

Yes, I find it really enjoyable. I make them from an old recipe, still using the same method, seeking the “perfect match” for each part of the sweet as my grandmother used to do.

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