Picture of a bride laughing with her groom by Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography

Getting to Know – Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography

Fiona Kelly Photography Logo

Interview With: Fiona Kelly

Company Name: Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography

Website: www.fionasweddingphotography.co.uk

Location / Coverage: Based in London, covering the South East of England.

Picture of a groom holding a young girl by Fiona Kelly Photography

Have you always wanted to be a wedding photographer?

I have always enjoyed taking photos and had an interest in photography. My dad was an amateur photographer in his youth so I was always around someone with an SLR camera. I studied photography with my A-Level art course and did an evening course at the same time to learn more.

Can you remember the first picture you took?

The first photo I remember taking was of the Diplodocus skeleton at the Natural History museum whilst on a school trip to London.

Black and white picture of a bride being led by the arm by Fiona Kelly Photography

How did Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography get started and how long has the business been going?

It all started about 3-4 years ago with taking photos at friends’ weddings and I slowly realised that not only did I really enjoyed doing it but I was getting some good feedback! It seemed the logical step to take it to the next level. I was amazed at the time that a lot of the wedding photographers I saw seemed really stuck in their old ways. I have always loved candid photography and having worked as a fashion art director for many years had a real eye for more contemporary and interesting images. I really wanted to go down the route of doing something fresh and modern and my natural style has taken that on.

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Picture of Heidi Baker From The Flower Studio Isle of Man

Getting to Know – The Flower Studio

The Flower Studio Logo

Interview With: Heidi Baker

Company Name: The Flower Studio

Website: www.flowerstudio.im

Location: St Johns, Isle of Man

How did The Flower Studio get started and how long has the business been going?

I opened the Flower Studio about a year after I graduated from Writtle College in Chelmsford with my Foundation Degree in Professional Floristry and Degree (Hons) in Horticulture.  Whilst I was studying at college I was really lucky to work in two top London florists, so when I returned to the Isle of Man I decided I wanted to open a shop that reflected the styles I had grown to love while working in London.  The shop has now been open since March 2009 and is getting busier all the time.

Picture of Heidi Baker From The Flower Studio Isle of Man

Is it just you or do you have a team?

I work full time (i.e. 7 days a week!) and I have 2 part time florists, 1 part time driver and a couple of freelance drivers and florists that help me out at peak periods such as Valentines Day, Christmas and Mothers Day.  My family are also great at stepping in, and love helping me dress a big venue for a wedding!

Where is The Flower Studio based, do you have a shop? Which areas of the UK do you cover?

We are based in St Johns on the Isle of Man and deliver all over the Island directly from the shop.  We are also a Premier Interflora Member, so people can order gifts through us to go worldwide.  As far as wedding flowers go, if someone off the Island wanted to use us for their wedding, I would never say no, but obviously there would be expenses costed in with the flowers.  A friend of mine is getting married abroad in a couple of years time and she has said she might bring me along with her to do her flowers!

Picture of a Mixed Rose and Hydgrangea Bridal Bouquet from The Flower Studio

What type of flowers can you provide for a wedding?

We provide whatever the bride wants!  I love being creative and if the bride asks for something really different and unique I see it as an exciting challenge.  Even if their heart is set on having a simple posy of roses, I always try and add something to the bouquet to make it personal to them – such as a family brooch or a bespoke collar… one bride asked me to hide an old photo of her Grandmother who had recently passed away… no-one else could really see it, but it meant so much to the Bride.

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Picture of a bride and groom kissing by Phill Coe Photography

Getting to Know – Phill Coe Photography

Phill Coe Photography Logo

Interview With: Phill Coe

Company Name: Phill Coe Photography

Website: www.phillcoe.com

Location / Coverage: National, plus Southern Spain

How did Phill Coe Photography come about and how long has the business been going?

I started the business in 2003 and started doing weddings in 2007.

Picture of a bride dancing at her wedding by Phill Coe Photography

How old were you when you took your first picture? Can you remember what it was?

I was 6 and it was a picture of the pygmy hippos at Bristol Zoo.

What sets Phill Coe Photography apart from other wedding photographers?

I try to be as creative as my clients will allow.  Getting a great shot is only half the job for me.  How I process and finish my shots is what sets me apart from most other photographers, and the fact that I mix natural, candid shots with beautiful, intimate images of the bride & groom.

Picture of a bride and groom kissing by Phill Coe Photography

What’s the best thing about the job?

Variety and freedom. I realise I’m only as good as my last shoot and I’m constantly pushing myself to improve.

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Picture of hands making a Heart from Beyond Weddings

Getting to Know – Beyond Weddings

Picture of Chelsea Bidwill Of Beyond Weddings

Interview With: Chelsea Bidwill

Company Name: Beyond Weddings

Website: www.beyondweddingsltd.com

Location: London, Cover The UK and Europe

What is Beyond Weddings?

The Beyond Weddings gift service has a whole new take on wedding gift lists.  It is a practical bespoke gift list made up of interior design items for each couple from a wide range of suppliers.

Picture of hands making a Heart from Beyond Weddings

How did Beyond Weddings start?

The idea came to me after several of my interior design clients requested my help with their wedding gift selection, and I found myself choosing pieces which their guests would contribute to. Beyond Weddings started in 2009, it is a sister company to Beyond Design which started in 1993.

Who runs Beyond Weddings?

Beyond Weddings is run by me, Chelsea Bidwill. I am an interior architect who grew up on boats – so I have a keen eye for small spaces and fine design.

What services can Beyond Weddings provide to couples creating a gift list?

The result of using Beyond Weddings is a beautiful home that your wedding guests have contributed to. It is a very practical present, a fresh start at home when you get married. The gift list can entail anything interior wise and it is totally bespoke to you with large trade discounts.

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Picture of Twinkle Jewellery's Rosa Necklace made from Frosted Quartz & Rock Crystal drops

Getting to Know – Twinkle Jewellery

Twinkle Jewellery Logo

Interview With: Cheryl Summer-Starr

Company Name: Twinkle Jewellery

Website: www.twinklejewellery.uk.com

Location: Bristol

What is Twinkle Jewellery?

Twinkle Jewellery is a handmade designer Jewellery company with a strong focus on Freshwater Pearls, Semi-Precious stones and Swarovski Crystals.

Picture of Twinkle Jewellery's Rosa Necklace made from Frosted Quartz & Rock Crystal drops
Rosa Necklace – Frosted Quartz & Rock Crystal drops – £50.00

How did Twinkle Jewellery start and how long has the business been going?

I started in late 2006 after I found it increasingly difficult to find jewellery that would fit me and be within my budget. I love the flexibility of creating pieces that may be ‘one off’ pieces.

I started making general gift jewellery but there was always a strong element based on Freshwater Pearls. It’s only been in 2010 that we have focused on Wedding Jewellery as I found that more and more commissions were being requested from brides-to-be who couldn’t find what they were looking for and wanted something a little different made.

Where do you work? Do you have a shop / studio?

I’m lucky enough to have a studio in the garden that is my retreat for all things creative. It’s lovely in the summer with the door open or cosy with my trusty heater in the winter. I have all mod cons so can create the jewellery in comfort.

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