Vinyl record signed by wedding guests

A Music Themed Wedding at Buckland House

Vinyl record signed by wedding guests

Anyone with a passion for music will love the little details of this music inspired wedding at Buckland House. As Ceren and Chris met through their love of music, their wedding of course had to feature the odd music note and vinyl record!

Following a ceremony in the church alongside the venue they enjoyed a marquee reception before partying the night away with their guests in the manor house, which they’d hired for the whole weekend for their friends and family to stay in.

We are delighted to share these fabulous pictures by Lee Maxwell Photography…

“As we met through music we decided this would be a good theme to have at our wedding. Our approach to the day was very relaxed, and to keep costs down we made as much as we could ourselves.

“All the companies we went through, provided us with such an amazing service and having our friends and family celebrate our wedding with us absolutely made our day.”

Bridal preparations

Crate of buttonholes

Wedding dress

Bridal veil

Bride and bridesmaid doing make-up

Lady doing up back of bride's wedding dress


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Bride on trapeze hoop above groom

A Magnificent Wedding at Tony Caluga Circus

Bride on trapeze hoop above groom

So, this is what happens when a trapeze artist marries a clown! As Rocío and Benjamin grew up with circus roots, of course the circus had to play a big part in their wedding. The whole wedding day took place at the circus, in the big top, where their friends and family shared a funny, emotional and beautiful day with them.

We’re sure you’ll love these incredible pictures that tell the story of this super-cool wedding, captured by Mónica Muñoz of Wildbrides…

“Our wedding was inspired by our roots. Benjamin originally wanted a church ceremony but I convinced him we should have our wedding in the circus. We were born there, we lived our happiness and sorrows there – the clap of the audience is our life.

“The ceremony was very emotive. Beforehand I was very calm and laughed a lot, but when I arrived at the circus I went to the tent with my uncle, who is like a second father, and my father was waiting for me. When I took him by the arm memories came into my head – I am his spoiled child and we are like friends – and at that time ‘Mi Princesa’, a song by David Bisbal, started to play. We started to cry while we were walking to the altar. When my father left me at the altar he hugged Benjamin so hard, and then hugged me and told me my friend is going. That broke my heart; we cried and laughed all night.”

Waiting for wedding on circus grounds

Bride getting ready in caravan

Bride looking at make-up

Getting dressed for wedding

Bride's father getting dressed for wedding

Bride wearing La Casa Blanca wedding dress


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Bride and groom kissing in field of lavender

A Neutral, Natural and Vintage Wedding with Lavender Backdrop

Bride and groom kissing in field of lavender

A gorgeous bride and groom, an outdoor wedding ceremony, dapper groomsmen, beautiful bridesmaids, fabulous rustic wedding decor and a backdrop of lavender. Lots and lots of lavender!

If you are looking for inspiration for  a relaxed, stylish, rustic-vintage wedding, then look no further. We’re sure you’re going to adore these incredible pictures by Blumenthal Photography as much as we do…

“For our one year anniversary Chris took me to Daylesford for the weekend, and I instantly fell in love with how relaxing and quaint it was. The time we spent there and some of my fondest memories of my time with Chris, so choosing it as our wedding location was easy. After visiting a few different venues we arrived at Sault and I knew it was perfect for the outdoor rustic themed wedding we both wanted, and the lavender and greenery provided a flawless backdrop.

“Due to our lifestyle we knew that a vintage themed wedding would best reflect our personalities, so we used neutral, natural and vintage elements to produce a timeless wedding. Our reception decor blew me away and was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. “

Vintage decorations

Relax spelt from Scrabble tiles

Bowl of lemons Wedding card

Wedding dress hanging in doorway

Bouquet with vintage brooch

Bride putting on veil Bride with long veil sitting down


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Bride and groom holding hands on path in woodland

A Fantasy Wedding Celebration on the Banks of the River Thames

Bride and groom holding hands on path in woodland

You might have seen one of our recent ‘Lunchtime Wedding Treats’ on The Wedding Community Facebook page was a really cool outdoor bar, styled with crates around the bottom of a tree adorned with fairy lights. Remember? Well, we loved the styling so much we just had to share the whole of Joanna and Andy’s fabulous wedding party.

This small, intimate wedding celebration right on the banks of the river has the most amazing styling. We love the rustic, fantasy elements that give the styling an enchanted garden feel.

Umbrella Studio captured this wedding celebration beautifully, and we are delighted to be sharing the pictures with you today…

“Our little wedding party was held in a private house on the banks of the River Thames. As I am a fantasy novelist and lover, every detail was related to this.

“The whole wedding was prepared by ourselves and our family. The decorations were prepared by my mother, but the whole family was involved and helped. My mother also made our wedding cake with the dragon, and my wedding dress was handmade too.

“There was lots of love put into the preparation of this small but beautiful wedding.”

Bride looking in mirror as she has her hair done

Reflection of bride in glass of picture

Bride's reflection in make-up mirror

Boat and swan on River Thames

Bride wearing green wedding gown


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Bride and groom sitting on wall at Letchworth State Park

An Intimate Outdoor Wedding in Letchworth State Park, New York

Bride and groom sitting on wall at Letchworth State Park

We love it when a bride wears a coloured wedding dress, and this incredible blush-peach dress is exquisite; even the flower girl has a cute, matching dress.

Jenny and Brock’s wedding is like a fairytale, with a beautifully styled picnic dinner under the stars with their nearest and dearest, in such a romantic, intimate wedding setting.

Heather and Jared Photography have captured the details and special moments of this wedding and we are delighted to be sharing them…

“We wanted an intimate wedding with just our close family and friends, and decided that Letchworth State Park was the perfect setting for a gorgeous picnic dinner.

“I made the flower crowns and Brock’s tie, and we handpicked our wedding flowers on the day. We used heirloom dishes, vintage vases and candlesticks to create a cosy feel for our picnic style dinner.

“In the evening, after the sun set, Brock played his guitar as everyone hung out singing and dancing under the stars – this was our favourite part of the day. It was unforgettable having everyone together in such an intimate setting.

“You should do what you want for your wedding, and enjoy the moments and meaning behind it. We chose just a handful of close friends and family to be there to celebrate, laugh and cry with us, and it was just perfect.”

Letchworth State Park

Long wedding table at Letchworth State Park

Long wedding table with rustic styling

Napkin on top of vintage dinner plates

Flower centrepieces on long wedding table


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