Bride and groom kissing in corridor of Claridge's

Weekly Wedding News 08/04/2016

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A West Tower wedding, photographed by Karli Harrison Photography…

Picture of bride and groom kissing taken from behind tree branches
© Karli Harrison Photography – A West Tower wedding


A Sandhole Oak Barn wedding, photographed by Lee Brown Photography…

Bride smiling at groom
© Lee Brown Photography – A Sandhole Oak Barn wedding


A Claridge’s wedding, photographed by Kerry Morgan Photography…

Bride and groom kissing in corridor of Claridge's
© Kerry Morgan Photography – A Claridge’s wedding


A Dorchester Corn Exchange wedding, photographed by Linus Moran Photography…

Bride and groom kissing by a stream
© Linus Moran Photography – A Dorchester Corn Exchange wedding


An Iscoyd Park wedding, photographed by DSB Creative…

Bride and groom standing by a tree in grounds of Iscoyd Park
© DSB Creative – An Iscoyd Park wedding


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Groom standing behind bride and kissing her on the head - Picture by Heather & Jared Photography Vicar holding up You May Now Kiss The Bride sign - Picture by Blavou Wedding Photography

Bride and groom posing in front of yellow Ney York taxi - Picture by Cassi Claire Blak and white close-up picture of bride and groom's faces - Picture by Miki Photography

Groom kissing bride on the head - Picture by Geoff Kirby Photography

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