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Interview with: Simon Mitchell

Company Name: YourSong


What is YourSong?

YourSong is a bespoke songwriting company, specialising in writing songs for wedding first dances.

How did YourSong get started and how long have you been going?

I am a songwriter and decided to go for broke and write my brother a wedding song! A tad risky, but I got lucky and brought the room to tears so decided to try it out on others. We launched the service at the National Wedding Show in September 2012.

How do you create a song for a couple? What is the process?

We make the YourSong service as simple as possible. I meet the couple to find out all about them over a drink or two, and then go away and write a song in acoustic form. After any changes have been made, I call upon my music pals to record the song fully into a radio-ready pop song!

Can the couple choose the genre of music for their song?

Of course – each song is inspired by each couple. We often find the best way is to ask them both who their favourite artists/bands are, as that way we can get a good idea of what they are after. We have obvious choices like Michael Bublé and Take That, and slightly more alternative options like Iggy Pop and David Bowie! We are open to anything, and that’s one of the reasons I love writing each song – they are all unique.

What band members/instruments can be part of the track?

Typically, because I deal mostly with weddings, we record lots of string parts, guitars, drums, pianos etc. I did get a request for a banjo once! I like a challenge though, not that I played it!

How long are the songs you write?

My background in songwriting is in pop songs, so I try to make YourSongs big and punchy like they are on the radio. I was always taught to leave the audience wanting more I guess, so they are around 3-4 minutes long.

Once the couple hear their song, can the lyrics and/or music be changed?

Without question, yes. YourSong is a creative process where the song is written with the couple in mind at all times. If there is something the couple aren’t sure about (lyrics/melodies etc), we change it. We don’t stop until they are jumping on the sofa with happiness! We have a 100% satisfaction rate and don’t want to lose this reputation any time soon.

How does a couple receive their song?

We present the song in two ways; digitally for the couple to pass around to their friends and family, and physically in the form of a gift CD for the happy couple themselves. We also provide them with the acoustic version and an instrumental version to use as they wish!

Do you offer any extra services to a couple who have a song written for their wedding?

Yep, we have some popular extras; my favourite is the YourSong lyric splash.. We have an artist who makes contemporary typographic paintings using the couple’s favourite lyrics from their YourSong, and each one is unique. We also have a cool wedding favour service where we make copies of the song to put on the tables on the wedding day, just to provide something a little different.

Do you only write songs for weddings?

No, we have written songs for anniversaries, birthdays and corporate parties, among others. The company was born after my brother’s wedding though, so the heart of it is still in writing bespoke first dance songs for couples.

Do you have a favourite song that you have written?

Oooooh I might get in trouble if I choose a favorite; I’ll do it anyway! One of the first songs I wrote is still one of my favourites – It’s called “Can’t Stop Us Now” and it was for an awesome couple, Tim and Chloe Silvey. They had an amazing story to tell – meeting during the 2010 ash cloud as they were both sent back to the UK by their employers. They were a dream to work with – full of energy and up for anything, and Chloe is now a respected wedding planner so the whole thing must have gone well!

Where can I find out more about YourSong?

We are slowly getting involved in the wonderful world of social media – whatever happened to owl post, hey? You can find us at…

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