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Interview with: Gemma Daborn

Company Name: Reverse Wedding List

Website: www.reverseweddinglist.com

Location / Coverage: Online

What is a Reverse Wedding List?

A Reverse Wedding List is where your guests buy items from you, not for you. The idea is to create a gift list containing items you as a couple no longer need or want, and your guests then get to buy those items from you. It’s a brilliant way to de-clutter and raise some cash for your honeymoon, new house, or whatever you like, and it’s great fun too.

The Great Reverse Wedding List

How did Reverse Wedding List come about and how long has the business been going?

My husband and I came up with the idea when planning our wedding in 2010. Like many couples, we had lived together for a while and didn’t need most of the things you find on a regular wedding list. If anything, over the years we had accumulated far too much stuff. What we needed was help with our honeymoon fund but felt a bit rude asking for cold, hard cash. So we hit upon the idea of reversing a traditional wedding list. We had fun with it and listed all sorts of things from our old DVDs, to a guitar amp, and even a toasted sandwich maker (the retro grilled cheese toasties went down a treat with one of our guests!).

Last September our son was born and whilst on maternity leave I decided to turn the idea into a website (clearly I’m not a fan of sleep!). The site has just launched and I’m hoping to find lots of like-minded couples who are getting hitched and need to both de-clutter and raise some funds.

Who works at Reverse Wedding List?

Currently just little old me (and Oscar, who’s very good at bashing out Emails…)

Home Page - Reverse Wedding List

How do couples set up a Reverse Wedding List?

The website is very easy to use. On the home page is a “Start Your List Here” button that when clicked prompts the user to create an account. All they need is an email address and a password. Once their account is created they can immediately start their list. The list admin pages are all really clear and have simple instructions, and it’s easy to upload photos and add captions and prices. We have three list designs currently, with many more on the way!

Admin Page - Reverse Wedding List

Does someone need to be a computer whiz to create a wedding list?

Not at all. We’ve kept the whole process really simple and our tips page is full of helpful hints.

How much does it cost to set up a Reverse Wedding List?

For your full, personalised, password protected list with space for as many gifts and guest invites as you need, there is a one-off admin payment of £9.99.

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What type of items, and how many items do you recommend couples put on their list?

Couples can list absolutely anything they want and as many items as they like; that really is the beauty of it. We had a lot of fun and listed silly things like a bunch of old guitar cables and power leads that had been lying around, and two unique outfits of our old clothes and accessories. You could even make the list into a kind of ultimatum to your partner by listing the items you want each other to get rid of before you marry!

Once the list is live, how do couples let their wedding guests know about their list?

There are various ways to let your guests know about your list – we advise inviting them through the website. You enter guests’ email addresses and then write a general message that will be sent to all. The website then cleverly generates a different login for each guest, and you can choose to have the site notify you when a guest logs in, views your list and purchases something.

Example List - Reverse Wedding List

How do guests bid, pay and collect items?

Prices are chosen by the couple when they create the list and are then fixed. A guest can choose to pay for the item via PayPal through the site or tick a box to indicate to the couple that they intend to give them the money in person. There is also an option to donate the purchased item to charity should your guest decide that actually they don’t really want your old soft toy collection after all!

Why would couples want to create a wedding list to sell their old items, rather than a traditional wedding gift list where guest buy nice new things for them?

Modern couples want cash; we did! But we felt a bit rude asking outright and wanted to find a more unique way to do so and de-clutter at the same time. 90% of couples already live together, 68% of couples recently asked said they won’t have a traditional wedding list, and 52% said they wanted cash as a gift, but of those nearly 40% feel either embarrassed to do so or say that despite being the most practical gift, cash is an unimaginative one.

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Once the couple is married, what happens to their Reverse Wedding List website?

When you sign up for a list we ask you to enter your wedding date; it doesn’t matter if you haven’t set the exact one yet, you can change it anytime. Your Reverse Wedding List will then expire one year after that date. The site sends out an email to let you know just beforehand and you can choose to download a copy of your list to keep for posterity.

Random question… What is your favourite wine?

I LOVE a good French red – my current fave is a Languedoc wine called Carignan (same name as the 50 year old vines it comes from) by Alain Grignon – I found it by accident in Majestic! It’s LUSH.

Where can I find out more about Reverse Wedding List?

Visit the website www.reverseweddinglist.com and follow us on twitter @revweddinglist. We are also on Facebook and Pinterest.

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