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Interview With: Lloyd Morgan

Company Name: Rockadove (Formerly Lloyd Morgan Productions)


Location / Coverage: Poole, Dorset / South coast up to and including South Wales

How did Lloyd Morgan Productions get started and how long has the business been going?

From previously working in the media industry producing video for film and television, I wanted to utilise my skills and work freelance.  So late summer 2009, I formed a business plan and launched the company at the beginning of 2010.  At first I ran the company alongside a full time job, but was fortunate enough to take the company on full time a few months later.

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Where do you cover?

South coast up to and including South Wales

Do you work on your own?

I run the company on my own, but contract in freelance cameramen when required.  This way I can ensure the standard of work is top quality.

What sets Lloyd Morgan Productions apart from other wedding videographers?

Lloyd Morgan Productions is a young, vibrant, and highly talented company.  Only in my mid twenties, graduating with a 1st Class honours degree in Video Production in 2007, and since working on various productions watched on television and the big screen, I bring a modern and technically precise style of filming.  So many companies are offering dated wedding videos, due to them not changing their techniques for 10+ years!  I provide couples with a fun and enjoyable wedding video which will be timeless and can be cherished forever.

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Does Lloyd Morgan Productions have a specialist area or style of wedding videography?

I like to combine the usual ‘documentary’ feel of wedding videos, with some cinematic shots, achieved with the skilful use of ‘glide’ equipment.  This combined with techniques I’ve learned over the years and that I use as part of my commercial work, results in stunning videos.

Why should couples have a video of their wedding?

Video is becoming such an important medium.  Whether it’s advertising a product or promoting a service, we are finding video everywhere these days.  Weddings are just the same.  Photography will still be an essential, but a photo only captures a pre-conceived moment in time, while video captures fluent emotions, and what better day to remember than your wedding!

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What’s the best thing about your job?

I get to go to weddings all the time!  Imagine if everyone in your office was having the happiest day of their lives!  Being part of that every day, alongside making films, I truly could not be happier!

What’s your top tip for choosing a wedding videographer?

Just because a company is established and have been around for 20 years, does not necessarily mean they will produce the wedding video you want.  If anything, they may use dated, cheesy editing techniques, and may have lost their passion for weddings.  Always check example videos and speak to the company to see if you’re going to be happy having them at your wedding.

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