Wedding guests conga - A Wedstock Wedding in Hertfordshire

How Do You Enjoy Your Wedding Day?

What a stupid title – it’s obvious how you enjoy your wedding day! After all, if you can’t enjoy your wedding day, you’re in a pretty bad shape for the rest of the days, aren’t you?

Well, yes. In theory. In theory on your wedding day you get to see all your friends and family. You get to dance badly, look great, and eat food and drink that you’ve selected to reflect your tastes. Best of all you get to stand in front of all those important people and declare how much you love your other half. What’s not to enjoy?

Wedding guests conga - A Wedstock Wedding in Hertfordshire

In fact, there are various reasons that the reality of the day doesn’t match up to the theory and you end up feeling short-changed.

Perhaps foremost among the day ruiners are wedding nerves. This could be a fear that something will go wrong, or you’ll forget something. In this case it’s the expectation of perfection that causes the problems.

The simplest solution to this is to get comfortable with the fact that your Perfect Day won’t be perfect. Someone will get too drunk, someone’s confetti will fall out of the box in a clump, and someone will be blinking on one of the photos.

But that’s all ok. Perfect is unattainable. What you’re going to have is a So-Good-It-Was-Practically-Perfect Day.

Another element is that wedding planning is a fraught business with the occasional argument along the way. These arguments, if they’re not dealt with, can build up into a resentment which smudges the big day too.

A useful exercise to try before the wedding is to forgive and forget all of those arguments. You don’t need to do anything in particular. Just accept that whatever went before has gone and now is the time to enjoy what you’ve got.

So you couldn’t persuade the mother-of-the-bride to accept your idea of a football terrace-style chant for the walking out of the church music (“Whose the woman in the white?”). Rather than souring the day by harbouring that grudge, just let it go.

Fortunately in 99% of cases the wedding day is amazing. You’ve spent so long planning it that when it actually happens it all seems weirdly calm (that’s because you put the work in beforehand).

Most brides and grooms get that wedding day buzz which can only come from people you love sending you positive vibes. It’s a special feeling.

One practical tip to help you enjoy the day… Everyone wants to speak to you on your wedding day. After all the bride and groom (and the beer) are the main attraction. It’s useful to meet up with your bride at certain points throughout the day to share a moment/beer/kiss together. That way you don’t get to the end of your day not having said two words to each other. There’s plenty of time for those sorts of days when you’re married.

Article by Andrew Shanahan

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