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1. Paul Joseph Photography…

Elderly ladies playing with baby at wedding - Picture by Paul Joseph Photography

2. Elizabeth Armitage Photography…

Bride holding large bouquet - Picture by Elizabeth Armitage Photography

3. KMS Photography…

Indian bride and groom standing under Gazebo - Picture by KMS Photography

4. Kari Bellamy Photography…

Bride standing in tall window - Picture by Kari Bellamy Photography

5. Jonny Draper Photography…

Bride and groom in front of firework display - Picture by Jonny Draper Photography

6. Boy Called Ben Photography…

Bride and groom touching heads with sun shining through - Picture by Boy Called Ben Photography

7. Andrea de Gabriel Photography…

Groomsmen sitting laughing together - Picture by Andrea de Gabriel Photography

8. Alexander Leaman Photography…

Bride and groom in back of wedding car - Picture by Alexander Leaman Photography

9. Francesca Secolonovo Photography…

Bride and groom under a tree - Picture by Francesca Secolonovo Photography

10. O & C Photography…

Bride and groom with confetti falling around them - Picture by O & C Photography

11. Scott-Wood Photography…

Bride's legs with groom in background - Picture by Scott-Wood Photography

12. ZT Photography…

Bride and groom sitting on wall as motorbike rides past - Picture by ZT Photography

13. Stuart Bebb Photography…

Bride walking towards wedding venue at night - Picture by Stuart Bebb Photography

14. Kevin Belson Photography…

Reflection of bride and groom in wedding venue water feature - Picture by Kevin Belson Photography

15. Jennifer Peel Photography…

Emotional bride and groom at altar - Picture by Jennifer Peel Photography

16. Lisa Devine Photography…

Bride and groom facing each other - Picture by Lisa Devine Photography

17. Natural Light Photography…

Bride and groom in a field of sunflowers - Picture by Natural Light Photography

18. Chris Giles Photography…

Bridal party in Street Fighter scene - Picture by Chris Giles Photography

19. David Craik Photography…

Bride laughing behind 'And they live happily ever after' sign - Picture by David Craik Photography

20. Modern Vintage Weddings…

Just married bride and groom hugging at altar - Picture by Modern Vintage Weddings

21. Rebecca Douglas Photography…

Bride and groom standing in a field as it gets dark - Picture by Rebecca Douglas Photography

22. Stewart Girvan Photography…

Bridal party jumping in front of coloured doors on beach - Picture by Stewart Girvan Photography

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Martin - Martin Makowski Photography

Martin Makowski Photography Logo

Contact Name: Martin Makowski

Company Name: Martin Makowski Photography


Location / Coverage: Nottingham / UK/ Destinations

How did the business get started and who works at Martin Makowski Photography?

I have always had a huge interest in photography. It all seriously started when I bought my first digital SLR seven years ago, and like every keen photographer I was photographing anything and everything. I was eager to improve my skills, and gained the photography knowledge from every available source; books, magazines, the internet and, most importantly, hard work and practice. Every time I saw a great photo it was nagging me how it was taken; I wanted to learn how to do it myself.

Soon after I moved into photographing people and it didn’t take me long to start shooting weddings, first for family and friends then as semi-professional photographer; I still had my daily job at that time. Photography really started taking over and the more I did it the more I loved it.

I left my job five years ago and started working for myself, trading under my name as Martin Makowski Photography. It is a one-man business and I work on my own.

Bride walking down stairs - Picture by Martin Makowski Photography

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

Originally I wanted to be a waste collector, then astronaut, pilot, sailor and many more. Then I was thinking of becoming a psychologist. Fortunately I didn’t become any of the mentioned.

After Construction College and A levels I started working in professional kitchens, first as a pot washer then I built my way up to a head chef role. Photography was always there and I always enjoyed looking at the world around me through the viewfinder.

Finally, I left my job to become a photographer; I have no regrets at all.

Nervous groom - Picture by Martin Makowski Photography

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

My father was a keen photographer and there was always a camera near me. It would be hard to remember the very first photo I took, but one I remember well was of Smurfs on television. It did not turn out well at all.

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

I am based in Nottingham and most of weddings I photograph are in the Midlands. I am always willing to travel and never say no to a wedding far from home.

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Bride holding bouquet - Picture by Glass Jar Photography

Image © Glass Jar Photography



Who would have thought that wild flowers would become a popular wedding theme! Perfect for autumnal weddings, wildflowers are adding a delicate hint of rustic prettiness this season.

From bouquets and table decorations to ceremony details and confetti, wildflowers are being used in all aspects of weddings.

Great for natural and country weddings, wildflowers come in a variety of types and colours. Shropshire Petals has been busy growing new varieties and has just launched three new wildflower  confetti mixes:

Mellow Meadow

Mellow Meadow Confetti Mix

A delicate pinch of Alchemilla Mollis has been added to subtle Icing Sugar delphinium petals to create a perfect blend of ivory, green and yellow.


Pinch of Plum

Pinch of Plum Confetti Mix

A beautiful combination of plum Marjoram has been added to Icing Sugar delphinium petals to create a textured mix of purple, green and ivory.


Chocolate Sunrise

Chocolate Sunrise Confetti Mix

A bold mix of Icing Sugar delphinium petals and dried sunflower petals has created a perfect, autumnal mix.


For more information, visit

1920's bride and groom

We have something very special for all the romantics today… a 1920’s wartime love story inspired wedding shoot. We just love this shoot so much; not only the stunning make-up, beautiful dresses, hair pieces to die for, and the gorgeous flowers, but the beautiful story this shoot was inspired by. Imagine the young couple who have just married, saying their goodbyes at the train station before he is posted away from home. The brilliant team behind this shoot have created a really moving story with their incredible work.

“I recently took part in a wedding inspiration photo shoot themed around a 1920’s wartime love story, teaming up with the wonderful Lilybean Photography for the shoot which took place at the Watercress Line in Hampshire.

“The shoot was greatly inspired by the photographer’s Grandad, who recently lost his wife. Unfortunately now losing his eyesight, he is dictating his memoirs over the phone so his life story and their love story is never lost.

“This shoot re-tells a part of their story; a story about a young couple who have just married, but he has been posted away from home. They say a fond farewell at the train station before he is whisked away from his young bride.”

1920's bride and bridesmaid

1920's bride holding bouquet Vintage bridal bouquet

1920's bride and groom

1920's bride and groom walking next to train track

1920's bridesmaid sitting 1920's bridesmaid


1920's bride and groom sitting on bench at train station

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Bridal party jumping in front of coloured doors on beach - Picture by Stewart Girvan Photography

Image © Stewart Girvan Photography



Last weekend saw the first of the autumn 2014 National Wedding Shows, and we went along to the London show to check out what’s new for this season’s weddings. So, today our wedding inspiration mood board brings you some of our favourite finds.

Top Finds at the Autumn 2014 National Wedding Show Mood Board

Mini Gateaux Wedding Cake – Le Papillon Patisserie

Flower Tree and Woodland Tablescape – Flowers by Evitavonni London

Bridal Sashes – Le Flowers

Bridesmaid Dresses – Debenhams 2015 Bridesmaid Collection

‘Drop Guest Book’ – Bspoak

Wedding Dress – Jenny Packham at Ellie Sanderson

Table Blossom Tree – The Wedding Lounge

‘Red Ketchup’ Suit – Moss Bros

Bride and groom standing in a field as it gets dark - Picture by Rebecca Douglas Photography

Image © Rebecca Douglas Photography



Just married bride and groom hugging at altar - Picture by Modern Vintage Weddings

Image © Modern Vintage Weddings



Brid and groom on rowboat

We have a real treat for you today. Let’s be honest, for those of you who have seen the romantic film ‘The Notebook’, it will probably stay in your hearts forever, right? Such a sweet and moving film, oh and of course let’s not forget the gorgeous Ryan Gosling!

Chloe from White Images got together with an incredible team of wedding suppliers to create this beautiful wedding shoot based around the film. There’s not enough words to describe just how beautiful this shoot is. We hope you love it as much as we do.

“This shoot was inspired by the ever so romantic rowboat scene from the movie ‘The Notebook‘. Set on a gorgeous private property on the Tweed Coast of Australia, the shoot is filled with 1940’s romance and vintage elegance. The delicate lace detail of the wedding gown, the oversized floral hairpiece and the dapper blue suit give a fresh approach to the beautiful love story of Allie and Noah.”

Wedding table under tree

Wedding table

Flowers on wedding table

Flowers on wedding table

Wedding table with flowers

Wedding table flowers


Wedding table number


Script writing on wedding stationery

Floral plate

Detail on floral plate

Wedding cake

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