Bride with colourful bouquet standing next to wedding table with tropical styling

Bright and Colourful Tropical Wedding Styling

Well, summer hasn’t really materialised, has it? The odd day of warm summer sun has left me longing for hotter climes, so I hope these bright, colourful, tropical wedding styling ideas make you feel warm and sunny inside.

This summer-inspired wedding shoot has a really fun vibe. The styling team created the most fabulous tablescape using vibrant flowers, glassware and crockery. Bright pink, blue, yellow and green make the table look so inviting. I love the use of palm leaves throughout, and they look great suspended in the windows.

Bride with colourful bouquet standing next to wedding table with tropical styling

Of course, any tropical styling should include pineapples, right? Gold pineapples feature as part of the tablescape, and also on top of the fabulous wedding cake with hand-painted palm leaf detail. The bouquet and flowers bring everything in this shoot to life – the look is so vibrant.

Big thanks to photographer Shot by Angel for capturing these tropical, fun wedding ideas. Please can we have a summer now?

Tropical Flare

“We wanted to create a wedding scene with tropical flare, so we incorporated a unique line of jewellery, pops of colour and a wonderfully summer-inspired table setting.

“The venue was ideal. It featured a beautiful wooden deck with bright, white walls and a Koi pond – adding to that destination wedding feel.”

Bride with pink flower in her hair

Fresh flower anklet

Bride with bright pink flower in her hair

Bride wearing Robyn Roberts wedding gown

Fresh flowers in bride's hair Back of bride's Robyn Roberts wedding gown

Bride with hand in pocket


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8507 from the Alfred Angelo Modern Vintage Bridal 2014 Collection

Is This the Real Cost of Cheap Wedding Dresses?

It’s a sad day when you hear of any retail business close its doors for good. The shock news of Alfred Angelo, a global wedding brand, and Benjamin Roberts closing has left many retailers questioning what’s going on. Every retailer in the UK is under pressure from a shift on spending in-store to online, and that goes for bridal too. The retail landscape is shifting, but not necessarily in the right direction.

Who would have thought you could replace the experience of buying the most expensive, important and treasured dress of your life, that evokes feelings of joy and happiness, with a cold, online transaction? Who would have thought that going to a mass manufacturer with huge outlets across the UK, where you buy a dress off the peg, without fittings, consultations or advice, would replace the experience of a bridal shop advising and indulging you?

8507 from the Alfred Angelo Modern Vintage Bridal 2014 Collection
8507 – Alfred Angelo Modern Vintage Bridal 2014 Collection

Cheap Not Always Cheerful

But sadly, for some girls these cheap wedding dress options are attractive. If you have never done this before you could be excused for not knowing your designer wedding dress from your copied mass manufactured dress. But, not wanting to sound like a total dress snob, you really do get what you pay for.

Each week I have so many calls asking us to help brides ‘fix’ a wedding dress they bought online. Usually it either doesn’t fit them, the colour is wrong, it’s too short or just plain weird. We have girls crying down the phone to us, but sadly not one bridal retailer in the land would take on such a challenge. If it’s not cut right on the cutting table it will never fit properly at the fittings.

Girls are flocking to buy dresses like this, and online copies are eroding the very heart of the wedding dress industry. Labels at the lower end of the market place are becoming more and more vulnerable and finding it impossible to compete.

2602 from the Benjamin Roberts 2016 Bridal Collection
2602 – Benjamin Roberts 2016 Bridal Collection

Alfred Angelo and Benjamin Roberts sold gorgeous dresses at the lower price end of the market. They had strict quality control in place, sold only though good retailers, and were highly regarded in the industry. Yet now, they are no more.

Key Questions

My advice is to ask the questions below of any shop you intend to buy your wedding dress from. This will reassure you that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of brilliant independent retailers and suppliers alike you can rely on.

  1. Are you a member of a trade association that will protect my dress if I buy from you?
  2. Do you offer an in-house alterations service to fit my dress?
  3. Will you store and deliver my dress in time for my wedding?
  4. Will my dress be a new dress, ordered in my size, just for me?
  5. How long have you worked with your suppliers?

These same questions apply if you choose to buy online, and remember, if it looks too good to be true… IT IS. If they can’t answer these questions, walk away.

Guest post by Ellie Sanderson

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Ghost Bus Tour in Edinburgh Hen Activity Idea

Outdoor Activities for Your Hen Weekend

Forget cocktails in a dimly-lit bar and male strip shows (they’re for later…), and embrace the great outdoors on your hen weekend. The ‘typical’ hen party is no longer a drink, dance and pizza in the early hours. It’s a chance to take part in once-in-a-lifetime activities – guaranteed to provide you with plenty of likes for Instagram. Lauren of Last Night of Freedom has rounded up the best outdoor activities for the ultimate hen weekend.

British Airways i360 Champagne Flight, Brighton

Brighton’s British Airways i360 is the newest and most exciting building on the town’s skyline.

British Airways i360 in Brighton

This is the world’s first vertical cable car, conceived and created by the same architects who designed our beloved London Eye. For those in the hen group with a strong stomach for heights, this glass capsule – 10 times the size of a pod on the Eye – will take you 450ft into the air, for stunning and unparalleled 360° views of Brighton.

It glides very slowly up the pole and has room for 175 visitors, along with a bar in the centre of the pod, licensed to serve all day and during the evening. Wine and views… bliss.

Water Wipeout, Bournemouth

This hugely popular activity is as challenging as it is hilarious, particularly after the bride-to-be takes a dunking.

Water Wipeout Hen Weekend Activity in Bournemouth

Our Water Wipeout outdoor hen weekend activity is for the brave and strong… and those who don’t mind getting wet. Reminiscent of Takeshi’s Castle, but set entirely on water, you’ll spend a couple of hours conquering two different lakes.

The ‘Action Loop’, located on the Castle Lake overlooking Corfe Castle, consists of 70 metres of inflatable obstacles and difficult crossings over the water. Your second destination, Woodland Lake, features several similar and exhilarating games. Action Tower, Gladiator Rings and Commando Rope will see you soaring above the water on trampolines and the like, ready for a well-deserved cocktail afterwards.


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