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1. Tyron Craig Mackenzie Photography…

Bride holding bouquet in field - Picture by Tyron Craig Mackenzie Photography

2. Andy Fountain Photography…

Wedding confetti shot - Picture by Andy Fountain Photography

3. ZT Photography…

Bride laughing - Picture by ZT Photography

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Hannah Vine of Written With Light Photography

Interview with: Hannah Vine

Company Name: Written With Light Photography


Location / Coverage: I am based in Gloucestershire but I am happy to travel across the UK

How did the business get started and who works at Written With Light Photography?

I started the business myself two years ago and work alone. Starting Written With Light Photography was the realisation of a dream for me after years of enjoying and studying photography.

Bride and groom standing by tree - Picture by Written With Light Photography

Had you always wanted to be a photographer?

I always loved photography, but I didn’t seriously consider it as a job prospect straight away. I did a literature degree ten years ago because books have always been a love of mine, but realised later that I needed to focus on a creative job; photography is the perfect outlet for my creativity, my love of stories and my enthusiasm for meeting new people.

Bride standing on swing - Picture by Written With Light Photography

Can you remember how old you were when you took your first picture? What was it of?

I was 12 when I took my first picture. I had received a Boots film camera as a birthday present, and I arranged all my presents and photographed them. I then photographed mine and my twin sister’s birthday cake, and our family. After that I always photographed family events and days out whenever I had money for a film!

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Bride and groom kissing under tree with dark clouds overhead - Picture by Van Middleton Photography

Image © Van Middleton Photography



If you want to pick your own wedding flowers then why not visit Blooming Green near Maidstone, Kent. It’s the perfect way for brides and their families to de-stress in the run-up to their wedding.

Some brides enjoy the peace and quiet of the flower plot, while others have a giggle, skipping along the rows of flowers and snipping their favourite blooms as they go. Jen and Bek at Blooming Green keep everyone happy with a ready supply of tea and biscuits, and tips if needed.

Pick Your Own Wedding Flowers at Blooming Green

“Last year, one bride said that picking her wedding flowers from our plot had been the most fun hour of her life. I pointed out that her future husband might not want to hear that!”

Brides and their families are encouraged to visit a couple of days before the wedding, so they can pick flowers straight into water and keep them cool overnight, for maximum freshness. It also means there’s less rushing around, and brides have the next day, the day before their wedding, to decorate their venue.

“We never imagined ‘Pick Your Own Wedding Flowers’ would be so popular, but we are thrilled that it is.”

Bouquet from Blooming Green

Blooming Green now offers a variety of options for pick your own flowers: on Friday afternoons and occasional Saturdays throughout the summer, people can simply turn up and pick their own flowers, without an appointment. Those wanting flowers for their wedding need to book their buckets in advance, and can come and pick on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, from April to October.

As well as picking their own flowers, brides and their friends and families can also learn how to arrange their own flowers, thanks to a variety of flower arranging courses run by Blooming Green on weekends, and at workshops on selected Friday afternoons.

For more information on pick your own wedding flowers and courses at Blooming Green’s flower plot visit

Bride and groom walking across desert

Today’s incredible styled shoot has been inspired by the beautiful scenes and culture of Morocco, giving inspiration to anyone looking for a romantic wedding abroad, or even a Moroccan themed wedding in the UK. Stylist Carly Rae, with the help of her incredible creative team, has styled a beautifully romantic wedding shoot, based on the memories that Carly has of Morocco from when she lived there.

We love the way the team have used their own twist and deviated from the traditional bright colours used to portray Morocco, and use pretty creams, blues and metallics to create a summer celebration

This is such a romantic bridal look in an amazing location… Okay, it’s not actually Morocco, but we bet you wouldn’t even notice!

“After leaving high school I decided I wanted to take a gap year, and during that time off I lived in Morocco where I fell in love with the people, culture, and aesthetics of the country.

“This Moroccan shoot seems to have been a long time coming; it’s a ‘passion project’! I have taken all my fondest memories of the country and turned them into an inspiration shoot for a modern day wedding. These photos were actually taken in California near the Mexico border, as California is home to some endless sand dunes, much like the ones overseas.”

Moroccan themed wedding stationery

Glamis Sand Dunes El Centro, California

Moroccan gazebo

Moroccan table and blankets

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