Couple sitting at naturally styled wedding table

Still Nature Styled Wedding Shoot

We love the calmness that this styled shoot portrays. The natural elements of the beautiful woodland set the scene for this wonderful ‘Still Nature’ wedding inspiration.

With the simply yet chic styling One Stylish Day has shown that having an outdoor wedding can be calm, relaxing and ‘with nature’, and doesn’t have to include lots of props and styling details. Louise used natural elements that complemented that surroundings, minimal embellishments for the tablescape and an abundance of candles to give a warming, cosy feel in the forest.

Couple sitting at naturally styled wedding table

Nicola Dixon Photography captured the beauty of this Still Nature wedding inspiration styled shoot and we are delighted to share the incredible pictures.

Natural Elements and Textures

“This shoot is a fresh take on an outdoor wedding, inspired by simple Scandi living. There’s a sense of oneness with the wild, and a calm, comfortable appreciation of nature.

“The woodland setting is undisturbed by a tablescape that feels like it belongs, and natural elements and textures add a quiet vitality to the scene. An undone quality runs through this scheme; dripping candles, casually laid linens and twiggy floral arrangements.”

Dramatic, Natural Backdrop

“Collections of logs and tree stumps work to create an outdoor ‘room’, and pillar candles of differing sizes provide the ambience. Garlands creep around trees as if they are growing there, and the repetition of vertical tree trunks into the distance creates a dramatic, natural backdrop.

“White stationery has hewn edges and perfectly placed black serif typography.”

Simple wedding stationery

Three different buttonholes

Candles on tree stumps in woods

“Spring has yet to reach the forest, and the colour palette reflects this stillness. White and warm grey reflects a sunless sky, and soft, dull metallic finishes reflect the surroundings. Soft pinks and deep reds lift the dark forest green, woody browns and bronzes.”

Foliage going up tree

Bride and groom in woods


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Bride and groom by Poole harbour

A Quintessentially English Scaplen’s Court Wedding

A wedding that has a Ferrero Rocher table plan certainly gets our approval! A wedding with fish and chips straight from the chippy… massive bonus points!

Caroline and David married at Poole Guildhall and then walked with their guests down to Scaplen’s Court for their wedding reception. Scaplen’s Court is a Grade One listed medieval house built in the 1500s and 1600s as a courtyard inn. What an amazing place for a wedding.

Bride and groom by Poole harbour

We love the fun details of this wedding. The fish and chip dinner, the amazing doughnut stack cake, the Ferrero Rocher table plan and also the cute little fingerprint hearts on the thank you notes attached to the heart shaped tea infuser favours.

A big thank you to Az from Lemontree Photography for sharing such beautiful pictures.

“Caroline and David live in Canada but travelled back to the UK to have a Dorset wedding. Caroline’s close family and friends in Canada also attended this Scaplen’s Court wedding. This was also the first time that both sets of parents had met.” – Az, Lemontree Photography

Quintessentially English

“We can only describe our wedding as the perfect day full of all our favourite things. We enjoyed delicious food and drinks and a party with our closest family and friends (with many coming all the way from Canada). It was quintessentially English with afternoon tea, fish and chips and ice cream, along with colourful bunting in a building full of history.

“We blissfully danced the night away, with our first dance being to Harvest Moon by Neil Young. After all, we had to incorporate some Canadian elements.”

Bridal shoes hanging from branches

Wedding dress hanging in doorway

Bride sitting during bridal prep

Bridal hairpiece

Bridesmaids fastening back of bride's dress


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