Weekly Wedding News 28/08/2015

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Real Weddings and Bridal Shoots

A West Tower wedding, photographed by Nicole Photography…

Bride and groom hugging
© Nicole Photography – A West Tower wedding


A Hyde Estate wedding, photographed by Martin Beddall Photography…

Bride and groom at Hyde Estate
© Martin Beddall Photography – A Hyde Estate wedding


A Rivervale Barn wedding, photographed by Red Door Photography…

Bride and groom at Rivervale Barn
© Red Door Photography – A Rivervale Barn wedding


An Elmore Court wedding, photographed by Martin Dabek Photography…

Bride and groom in gardens of Elmore Court
© Martin Dabek Photography – An Elmore Court wedding


An Oyster Shed wedding, photographed by Neil Walker Photography…

Bride and groom
© Neil Walker Photography – An Oyster Shed wedding


A Royal Masonic School wedding, photographed by Voyteck Photography…

Bride and grom looking into each others eyes
© Voyteck Photography – A Royal Masonic School wedding


A Waterhead Hotel wedding, photographed by Karli Harrison Photography…

Bride and groom kissing on jetty
© Karli Harrison Photography – A Waterhead Hotel wedding


A Stoke Place wedding, photographed by David Bostock Photography…

Groom kissing bride on the head
© David Bostock Photography – A Stoke Place wedding


A Hilltop Country House wedding, photographed by Lee Brown Photography…

Bride and groom at Hilltop Country House
© Lee Brown Photography – A Hilltop Country House wedding


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Couple outside Middlesbrough Reference Library

An Engagement Shoot at Middlesbrough Reference Library

Couple outside Middlesbrough Reference Library

Couple: Sam and Stu

Photographer: Julie Barron Photography

Engagement Shoot Date: 28/05/2015

Location of Shoot: Middlesbrough Reference Library

Wedding Date: 22/07/2017

Why did you have an engagement shoot?

We love Julie’s work. She’s very creative and very much likes to personalise each shoot to the couple involved. Also, the proposal was rather unusual and we wanted to capture it in a similar way.

Middlesbrough Reference Library

Middlesbrough Reference Library entrance

Middlesbrough Reference Library gate

Couple on stairs of Middlesbrough Reference Library

Middlesbrough Reference Library sign

Couple next to book shelves in Middlesbrough Reference Library


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Font Cover of Elegant Style Personalised Wedding Magazine by LifetimesMAG

Put Your Wedding Memories into Print with LifetimesMAG.com

Happy couples can now record their wedding day memories in the pages of their very own personalised magazine, following the full launch of LifetimesMAG.com.

Font Cover of Elegant Style Personalised Wedding Magazine by LifetimesMAG

This unique service allows the details, emotions and story of the wedding day to be captured by professional writers and designers within one of 10 stunning styles, featuring pictures from the big day.

With styles such as Art Deco, Gazette, Glossy and Rustic to choose from, LifetimesMAG.com also provides a range of options regarding the number of pages and copies to be printed, with prices starting from just £199.

Inside of ArtDeco Style Personalised Wedding Magazine by LifetimesMAG

The words for the magazine articles are taken from those at the heart of the occasion – the bride, groom, family and friends – through questions that are tailored according to the individual. The questions are answered via a secure Client Area at LifetimesMAG.com, or through telephone interviews.

Once the pictures are emailed over to accompany the seamless articles, skilled designers produce the pages to reflect the wedding day in all its glory.


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