Last Night of Freedometer

The Last Night of Freedometer Stag and Hen Predictions

Last Night of Freedometer

Last Night of Freedom’s new tool shows that 4100 stag and hen groups will embark on cities around the world this weekend…

Last Night of Freedom is issuing a ‘stag and hen Armageddon’ warning around the world for this weekend, 2nd July. Their new technology tool, the Last Night of Freedometer, predicts that over 4100 stag and hen groups will be hitting towns around the world, including Marbella, Krakow, Manchester and Cardiff. Launched last week, the Last Night of Freedometer reveals how many stag and hen groups are due to celebrate in different cities across the world each week.

Last Night of Freedometer 2nd July 2016

“Stag and Hen dos are ingrained in our culture and it’s really interesting to be able to determine the exact location and number of groups for each weekend.” says Matt Mavir, managing director of Last Night of Freedom. “It will also prove incredibly useful for forward planning for venues, local councils, and local residents. Bars, clubs and town centres will be able to predict larger and potentially livelier crowds, and ensure they have the resources to manage them. Being able to prepare in advance will prevent places from being caught short and will no doubt result in better weekends for all.”


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Rustic Wedding Styling with Craspedia Mood Board

Rustic Wedding Styling with Craspedia

We absolutely love Craspedia (sometimes know as Billy Balls or Billy Buttons). These flowers are fun little balls of sunshine and are divine for weddings in any season as they add a splash of vibrancy.

Craspedia are really great for all styles of wedding.  They are particularly amazing for a modern wedding against a vibrant colour or a vintage wedding teamed with a delicate colour. Today we have some pretty ideas for rustic wedding styling with Craspedia.

Rustic Wedding Styling with Craspedia Mood Board

Rustic Buttonhole with Craspedia – Picture by The Melideos

Craspedia in Vases – The Sweetest Occasion

Rustic Wedding Bouquet with Craspedia – Picture by Jill Thomas Photography

DIY Billy Ball Escort Card Box – Elizabeth Anne Designs

Craft Paper Bags with Craspedia Print – Craftgawker

Rustic Wedding Cake with Craspedia – Inspired by This, picture by Orange Turtle

Craspedia and Twin Head Piece – Etsy

Craspedia in Jug – Style Me Pretty

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Bride and groom in grounds of Adlington Hall

Weekly Wedding News 24/06/2016

From Our Suppliers…


Real Weddings and Bridal Shoots

A wedding at The Spread Eagle, photographed by Heni Fourie Photography…

Bride and groom standing in front of shop window
© Heni Fourie Photography – A wedding at The Spread Eagle


A Bristol Docks wedding, photographed by Joseph Hall Photography…

Bride and groom standing in front of train carriage
© Joseph Hall Photography – A Bristol Docks wedding


A Farnham Castle wedding, photographed by Red Door Photography…

Bride and groom outside Farnham Castle
© Red Door Photography – A Farnham Castle wedding


A Wrenbury Hall wedding, photographed by Ian MacMichael Photography…

Bride and groom
© Ian MacMichael Photography – A Wrenbury Hall wedding


An Artisan of Clerkenwell wedding, photographed by Sam Gibson Photography…

Bride and groom standing in front of large windows
© Sam Gibson Photography – An Artisan of Clerkenwell wedding


A Farbridge Barn wedding, photographed by Neil Walker Photography…

Bride and groom standing by wall
© Neil Walker Photography – A Farbridge Barn wedding


An Adlington Hall wedding, photographed by Lee Brown Photography…

Bride and groom in grounds of Adlington Hall
© Lee Brown Photography – An Adlington Hall wedding


An RIBA wedding, photographed by Martin Beddall Photography…

Bride and groom at RIBA
© Martin Beddall Photography – An RIBA wedding


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